Futureproof your floors with the power of UV light.


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UVElite is designed for high traffic commercial and residential environments.

This instant cure solution delivers the strongest, most durable, eco-friendly floors with minimal interruption.

Instant Access

As soon as UVElite is cured with a portable UV light, the floor is ready for high traffic, minimizing Early Use Damage.


A wise choice for busy commercial job sites and active households with a variety of flooring surfaces. UVElite can be used on both hardwood and resilient floors to provide unrivaled durability, protection and ease of maintenance.

Our toughest finish

Ideal for commercial settings

It's high-tech for floors

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Active Household

Active Household

What are the benefits of UVElite for contractors?

UVElite helps meet your customer’s flooring needs and even exceed their expectations. Arboritec’s UVElite minimizes operational downtime with single-day project completion. Also, with UVElite, both you and floor owners never again have to be worry about early use damage to a recently finished floor. Using UVElite is the difference between being good, and being great. If you are one of those contractors who want to be on the cutting edge in this industry, you understand the importance of being the best, and strive to be leaders in your markets. Acceptable is not enough for you, nor is it for Arboritec.

Just like any other traditional finish systems, contractors charge homeowners based on the value the system provides. UVElite delivers convenience and is one of the most advanced and durable waterborne site applied finishes on the market today, so it deserves to be priced at a premium.

  • Compared with traditional 2-component systems, UVElite allows contractors to offer added convenience, durability, and floor life for a relatively small price increase on a per square foot basis.

  • As UVElite is a one component product, pot life issues and waste are eliminated.

  • Because your job is fully cured after the UV curing step, there is also no need to return to the home to replace rugs, furniture or fixtures. Your job is truly done when you leave saving you time and unnecessary travel costs.

What are the benefits of UVElite for home owners?

Home owners benefit most from Arboritec’s UV curing system.

Instant use of the floor is one of the advantages of UVElite. The finish reaches maximum durability at the very moment it is hit by the light from the UV machine. This means convenience – no prolonged waiting period to allow the finish to reach its maximum durability, scratch, scuff, and chemical resistance. Renovation of a floor is an expensive investment, and you want it to last. With traditional cure systems, a large percentage of floor damage can occur in the initial curing phase, as pets are allowed on too quickly, rugs are replaced before they should be, floors are mopped too early, furniture is slid into place, etc. This early use damage is prevented with UVElite. Arboritec’s UVElite minimizes operational downtime with the speed of single-day project completion. Other waterborne finishes need 4-14 days to cure before heavy use.

UVElite is 40% more durable than other traditional two-component waterborne finishes. In fact, the durability, wear resistance, and chemical resistance are equal to that of some factory prefinished floors with lifetime warranties.

UVElite is safe. UVElite is free from NMP, isocynates, and has only 17 grams of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) per liter, making it among the most environmentally-friendly wood floor finishes on the market. It is completely solvent-free as well. With very low emissions, using UVElite means better indoor air quality and a safer environment for floor owners. The longer life of the finish also contributes to the overall sustainable life cycle of the process.

The look of a brand new floor, quickly. Arboritec´s innovative liquid ceramic and UV technology reinstate the durability and look similar to a factory pre-finished floor. Therefore, the application of UVElite is a much more time- and cost-effective alternative than replacement of the floor.

Easer to clean: Arboritec’s UVElite is easier to clean, which makes the cleaning process much easier. As a result, floors coated with UVElite tend to be cleaner after mopping compared to floors treated with traditional coating solutions.

What are the advantages of Arboritec’s UVElite compared to other UV curing systems?

Faster and easier: Arboritec’s UVElite is the fastest and easiest UV curing system on the market. You only need to UV cure the floor once and after the final coat. You DON’T need to UV cure the floor after priming the floor, and not after intermediate coats of UVElite. There is also no need to sand and vacuum between coats of UVElite. In addition, UVElite has a significantly shorter drying time of 1-3 hours. As the fastest UV curing finish system, UVElite allows you to complete many jobs overnight and let the commercial floor owner be back open for business in the morning.

More durable: Arboritec’s UVElite is the most durable finishing solution in the market. Extensive Taber testing has shown that UVElite is about 40% more durable than the current market standard for 2-component waterborne finishes.

More environmentally safe. UVElite is free from NMP, isocyanates and solvents, and has less than 17g/l of VOCs making it among the most environmentally-friendly hard flooring surface coating solutions on the market.

Extensive support. Besides numerous competitive product advantages, Arboritec ‘s knowledgeable team extensively supports all contractors in training and marketing of our UV curing system by being present on job sites.


Does UV curing affect other items close to the floor like cabinets, doors, wallpaper, etc.?
No, as long as you follow the recommended speed and application procedures, you will never damage any other adjacent units.
How does application of UVElite differ from standard systems?
The application of UVElite is much like a traditional waterborne finish using a roller, T-bar, or brush. It is only the UV curing step which differs from standard systems. In other words, after you apply the final coat of UVElite and it dries, you need to roll the UV lamp on the floor to immediately fully cure the finish and complete the jo
Can I use UVElite system for all types of wood?
Yes, UVElite may be used for all types of wood floors. However, similar to any other finishing system, it is recommended to test the finish on smaller areas first.  
How can a surface coated with UVElite be recoated later?

Wood surfaces coated by UVElite can be recoated the same way as other waterborne finished floors.

However, for light wear, you can benefit from Arboritec’s sanding-free system, Clean n’ Coat.

How safe is the UVElite system?

UVElite is free from NMP, isocynates and solvents, and with a very low VOC (less than 17g/l), it is among the most environmentally safe hard flooring surface treatment solutions in the market. With very low harmful emissions, using UVElite means better indoor air quality environment for floor owners. However, just like any other standard finishing products, the usual precautions for handling chemical products should be considered.

When it comes to curing with a UV machine, you need to protect your skin and eyes by wearing a Tyvec suit, UV glasses and gloves according to manufacturer’s instructions.

When using UVElite, is floor prep work different from a standard floor recoat system?
No, preparation of the floor prior to application of UVElite is exactly the same as for our standard waterborne finishes. As with our other finish systems, the surface of the floor must be dry and completely free from contaminants, dust, wax, and oily residues prior to application of UVElite. For more information regarding application, please refer to the relevant Product Data Sheet for Wood flooring, Sheet Vinyl flooring, and Linoleum flooring.
On what types of floors can I use UVElite?
UVElite may be used on wood flooring as well as on Sheet Vinyl, LVT, VCT and Linoleum. For more information regarding use of UVElite as a maintenance and recoating system for a variety of floors, please contact us. There is a wide range of factory-applied finishes and maintenance products on these floors that must be removed before application.
What are the recommended application systems for UVElite?

Hardwood Flooring

  • For heavy commercial floors (e.g. floors with street entrance), the recommended system is 1 coat of Arboritec First Coat Sealer + 1 Coat of Avenue + 2 coats of UVElite.

  • For commercial floors (e.g. floors with plenty of walkoff), the recommended Arboritec system is 1 coat of First Coat sealer + 2 coats of Avenue or 1 coat of Avenue + 1 coat of UVElite.

  • For a recoat, the recommended system is Clean n’ Coat + 1 coat of Avenue + 1 coat of UVElite

  • For more information regarding other systems please contact us.

Linoleum, Sheet Vinyl, LVT and VCT Flooring

  • For more information regarding use of UVElite as a maintenance and recoating system for a variety of floors, please contact us, as there is a wide range of finishes and maintenance products on these floors that must be removed before application.

What is the coverage rate of UVElite?
For hard wood floors, the recommended coverage rate is: 500-600 ft² / gal.

For Linoleum, VCT, LVT, and Sheet Vinyl floors, the recommended coverage rate is:

600-850 ft²/ gal.

What risk do I take if I don’t UV cure the final UVElite coat immediately after it dries?
There are no real risks so long as you make sure that surface is free from dust and other particles before UV-curing. UVElite finish can stay uncured for a longer period than the drying time without any problem, but will be more prone to damage from scuffing, scratching, etc. Dry/dust mop the surface prior to curing if the floor has been left uncured for a relatively long period.
Why do I need to measure and record the floor surface humidity during the application process?
All waterborne UV finishes consist of a specific amount of water that needs to evaporate from the coating before UV curing to achieve optimal results. So, we do recommend that you measure and keep track of the moisture level of the coating system before application of each successive coat of UVElite. It is important that the moisture level is under 8% RH or within 1-2% of its background to guarantee optimal curing conditions. Background value is the original moisture content of the coating surface before starting the finishing process. This may vary by site, due to temperature, relative humidity, slab moisture levels, coverage rates, etc.