Atlanta Condo Reimagined

Atlanta Condo Reimagined

Recently Arboritec removated the wood floors in this upscale Atlanta condo in Atlanta. The homeowner wished to brighten up the room but wanted a hint of grey to accentuate the grain of the floor.

The dark stained floor was first sanded down to bare wood using a Lagler Hummel sander.

A combination of Arboritec’s products were used on the project. First a mixture of Miracle Oil Grey and White went down. The Miracle Oil was followed by Avenue, our commercial grade two component waterborne. (Avenue is named CompoAvenue in Europe.) Once our Avenue dried, we applied a coat of UVElite.

The complete process was filmed and a number of Application Assistance Videos are available that show the entire transformation.



Miracle Oil Application

Avenue Application

UVElite Application and Curing

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